Got pretty lucky to spot the little lady last night inside my garage, so I scrambled for my SP90 + 2x TC before letting the poor thing out. Next morning, I might’ve noticed the same one on a leaf outside, but it escaped before I could get any more shots […]

2:1 Ladybug and Spider

Story really begins last year when I decided to make the best of 2 free tickets to Firefly by getting a harmless looking, mirrorless setup to take where “no professional cameras are allowed” and capture me some real memories without even trying to suffer using my D5100 in anything but […]

Df Goes to Firefly 2017!

Never mind drinking Greenhouse Tavern of their PBR dry once, but this time was for good as they cut the distributor contract since only one or two more people ever ordered it besides myself (and clearly not in the same quantities). Incidentally it was my Df’s first night out, so […]