Never would I ever dream of getting a 55/1.2 from 1867, but even more so never would I ever imagine getting a silver Df with as little as 620 clicks straight from Japan!


Incidentally it may even appear like I got it solely to match my 45/2.8 AI-P and it would not be a wrong assumption, but in reality – the full tactile controls and the inconspicuous appearance that house a powerful D4 sensor at the fraction of the price are absolutely the deal-breaker here.

Everything feels solid, as expected of a simplified top-shelf camera, and the next biggest surprise is that it does squeeze semi-pro amount of shots off of a mere EN-EL14/a battery found in the beginner bodies.

With 55/1.2? Stellar!


With 70-200/2.8 VRI + Kenko 2x DGX PRO 300 Teleconverter? Stellar including the seemingly lagging D600 level AF system,


With Sigma 12-24/4.5-5.6? Naturally, stellar!


ISO 12800 is no slouch either, and with but a 45/2.8 attached!



And the usual flash club work is just as good as it always is,



Can’t honestly think of a bad thing about this camera aside from the lack of a finger extension for the on-off button to make it easier, and the fact that the front dial is vertically oriented rather than horizontally.


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