What started off as just a Saturday boat party by Wayne (http://www.wizdoment.com/) to my knowledge, has spiraled into 4 events in total across 2 days of the 6/24 weekend and I ended up riding the whole wave. We kicked it off Friday evening for an overflow happy hour boat party on Potomac river with many of our local and epic friends, and of course Tony aka J Paul Getto (http://www.jpaulgetto.com/) himself –


Joining us were, Pat Premier (http://www.patpremier.com/),


Naturally Wayne the boat man himself (http://www.wizdoment.com),


and a couple others I will mention later on. Here’s a quick one of yours truly,


The boat itself was a solid 2 hours of old school house and plenty of happy hour’ing going around. Attendees didn’t disappoint either!


Full Happy Hour boat album (https://www.facebook.com/434528646616305/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1043984205670743)

Afterwards myself and couple friends spiraled off to Mr. Smith’s Georgetown for some grub and drinks in my case before our newly added afterparty at Little Miss Whiskey’s.

Whiskey’s kicked off with Michael aka MicFreak (https://soundcloud.com/micfreak),


who has been producing some fresh beats along with Wayne for a good year now and making charts at Beatport and iTunes. Naturally both of them tagged the decks as the night continued,


And naturally J Paul headlined some slimy beats to end a pretty perfect night,


The next day we had our actual big Party on the Potomac 13 (https://www.facebook.com/434528646616305/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1043987495670414) and after that we all went on and on to pre-after partying at Flash DC.

Flash ended up pretty interesting, but by a long shot on my end of things, and then we went onto our big after party at 930 Club Backbar – Bang the Box with Grody and J Paul Getto headlining. The main set of shots is here (https://www.facebook.com/434528646616305/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1043923759010121).

And here are some funsies from my X-Pro 1,

6-25-XP1-930B_01 6-25-XP1-930B_02

And even my DMV area make-up artist made an appearance, Adeline Tseewei Li aka Zeewei Makeup (https://www.facebook.com/zeeweimakeup/)


In all, the music was killer, most of us got pretty trashed and caught Uber home.



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