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Head to head or neck to neck, on paper these 2 perform VERY close to one another with only noticeable differences being the recycle rate and commander mode. Both have hotshoe and wireless TTL, full support for Nikon’s CLS system, etc. I finally got a chance to try the 568 […]

Yongnuo 568EX vs Nikon SB-910

At long, long last a true professional quality lens enters my life and just in time for the busy fall season musings. This lens looks, works, and feels completely awesome and blows everything below it completely out of the water. It will proudly take place of my trusty 70-300 VR […]

Nikkor AF-S VR 70-200 f/2.8 G IF-ED

Last gen of the non-Di Auto Focus (AF) incarnation of Tamron’s 90mm macro that is now internally capable of 1:1, aka life size, reproduction of the subject. The main reason driving me to write a proper review/impression of this lens is because it is a CPU, AF lens that’s said […]

Tamron SP 90mm f/2.8 AF Macro ( E72 ) 1:1

So my quest for previously unattainable night cityscapes pushed me towards finally getting a tripod. Dilemma was not to spend more than a beginner-intermediate level is worth as well as not over $100. After some homework, I decided to try this Dolcia after reading an awesome review over at Str8ShotPhoto. […]

Dolica GX650B204 Proline GX Series 65 inch Tripod

Decided on my truly last piece of affordable gear to put an end to my/camera’s struggle to focus in very low light/pitch-black situations with this wonderful ring LED rig. Decided to go with Yongnuo again since 565 EX I got was a VERY solid flash, so I trust this little […]

Yongnuo WJ-60 Macro Photography LED Light

Finally got this gem/dream lens after long deliberation regarding its ridiculous cost. Despite my hunt for a black version, silver will have to do for now as a workhorse. This guy is a modern remake of the old Guide-Number Nikkor 45mm f/2.8 whose forte was being able to set the […]

Nikkor 45mm f/2.8 AI-P

Got this sucker in my quest for a wider and closer-focusing lens for indoor events, in vintage/all-manual variety. Only ran me an incredibly lucky $41 plus shipping for a mint condition piece with original leather case and the crappy snap-on hood (that’s broken, but nothing superglue can’t fix). It is […]

Sigma 24mm Super-Wide II f/2.8 Macro (Manual) (1981)

Very last piece of gear on my list is now in the house. Retails for ~ $150 and sports excellent features for its price. Usual free diffuser gift from Chinese ebay stores, and essential accessory for these big guns. Package is simple, but very nice – detailed manual, quick reference […]

Yongnuo 565 EX for Nikon (YN-565 EX)