Never mind drinking Greenhouse Tavern of their PBR dry once, but this time was for good as they cut the distributor contract since only one or two more people ever ordered it besides myself (and clearly not in the same quantities). Incidentally it was my Df’s first night out, so […]


For a wedding? They do not exist. For studio work, it’s an easy fix. But for food? HOW in the fucking world do you fuck-up a FOOD shoot this badly, when you’re supposed to only use natural light and actually work with the venue?? And all while following a DETAILED, […]


Good job art party magnate of DC, Art Soiree, good job. You could have just invited me to come shoot, but you had to try and put me down due to your own ignorance and lack of memory or research of the origin of the images used for your flyer.

Keep Blatantly Humble

Sure you’ve been to a fancy place of dining and entertainment as a repeat customer, who haven’t? It’s always worth it, especially when you find your spot, but have you ever drank them completely dry? Yes – drink a big restaurant DRY. I managed in ~$60 and 2 days, 1 […]

The Last One