What started off as just a Saturday boat party by Wayne ( to my knowledge, has spiraled into 4 events in total across 2 days of the 6/24 weekend and I ended up riding the whole wave. We kicked it off Friday evening for an overflow happy hour boat party […]

DC Leg of J Paul Getto Tour

Ended up picking up a used copy of Fuji X-Pro 1 as my sneaky solution to “no professional cameras allowed” situations without compromising all too much at the end of the day, and overall I am quite impressed with this combo considering price:performance ratio you get out of it today. […]

X-Pro 1 vs Deadmau5 at Firefly 2016

Since I started photography, I’ve done extensive research in the early stages and picked out a couple of dream lenses, one being the 55/50 f/1.2, and have since acquired them. Playing around initially, I took this shot among others at one of my favorite bars to get an idea of […]

Little old dream